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I tell stories through a lens and a camera.

 Zino de Groot

is a visual director based in Amstelveen, The Netherlands.


He began his creative career by starting a YouTube channel called ‘DutchBallerz‘, where he would mainly film and edit football videos, you probably already noticed this after looking at his work, but that’s not the only thing he is capable of. While making videos for several months he slowly became more and more serious about creating quality content. Soon he started to learn all about cameras, how they work, thinking about lighting and composition etc. Becoming better by every video that he produced, people around him started to take note. Big YouTubers like vvbasvv and FCRoelie supported his work. This YouTube channel created a desire to make films. This became something he was and is passionate about.

Now, aged 17 he’s working with big artists, influencers from all over social media. Examples are Rasskulz, Kalvijn, Daniel Got Hits, Jacin Trill and 808milli, FCRoelie, Bassistent and more.

Shooting a lot of music videos right now, he has created a different edit style that attracts a lot of people, new wave.


You can hire Zino as an Editor, DP or Colorist.

Zino de Groot

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